Our Organic Livestock 

Rearing livestock to the rigorous organic standards laid down by the Soil Association isn’t just a case of ticking a few boxes and filling in some forms. It shapes the basis for everything we do at Coombe Farm. Working this way not only creates an exceptional product, it also ensures that animal welfare comes first. Soil Association organic standards cover every aspect of an animal’s life, including living conditions, feed, use of medicines, transportation and slaughter.

Organic animals must:

  • Have access of pasture and be fully, properly free range
  • Have plenty of space (which reduces stress, limits disease and allows animals to follow their natural instincts)
  • Be fed a natural, GM-free diet
  • Graze and forage only on organic land that’s never fertilized with chemicals and where pesticides are heavily restricted
  • Never be given routine antibiotics or medication

There are lots of different food-labelling systems out there, and it’s not always transparent what they mean. We trust the Soil Association organic label because we know you can’t get a higher standard of welfare.

A Word About Slaughter

The end of an animal’s life is as important to us as every other stage of its development. Our lambs, cattle and pigs are transported in small numbers (to minimise stress) to a Soil Association certified abattoir that’s just seven miles from the farm. It’s a family run business with many years of experience. A vet and a meat inspector are always on hand to oversee all activities before, during and after slaughter. Our poultry is slaughtered on-farm, so there’s no transport at all. Deer are culled in the field by experienced marksmen.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you have about how we breed, rear and slaughter our livestock. Feel free to get in touch for a chat.