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Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Chicken Cuts



Balancing succulent white meat with flavour-packed brown meat, whole chickens are easy to cook and cater to everyone’s preference.

Whole chicken: a versatile way to buy your bird – cook it whole or joint it up to suit your favourite recipes. The giblets and carcass make excellent broth
Half chicken: split in half down the spine, the perfect balance of brown and white meat for those who prefer a smaller portion
Spatchcock chicken: a whole chicken with the backbone removed and flattened out to make it quicker to cook and perfect for barbecuing
Whole boneless chicken: all of the deliciousness of chicken – brown and white meat, crispy skin – deboned and wrapped up in an easy-carve parcel


Delicate white meat and tender texture with just the right amount of grain makes chicken breast one of the most popular meats.

Breast: juicy and tender white meat lends itself to any number of recipes. Leave the skin on for extra flavour and texture; remove it for a leaner cut
Diced: white breast meat evenly cut up so there’s no waste and it’s easy to cook in pies, casseroles, stir-fries and curries  
Mince: a combo of white and brown meat for unbeatable flavour and texture. A lighter alternative to beef, pork or lamb mince in your favourite recipes
Burgers: delicate seasoning brings out the natural flavour of our chicken mince to deliver a juicy, meaty burger
Sausages: quick to cook, lean and delicious, the delicacy of the meat is enhanced by light-handed seasoning   


Hearty and robust brown leg meat is where a whole lot of flavour lies on the chicken carcass. Cooked on or off the bone it makes a versatile choice.

Leg: includes the thigh and drumstick with the skin left on. Can be roasted if you don’t fancy a whole bird and makes a mean casserole, too
Thigh: the top half of the leg yields an impressive amount of brown meat from a complex of muscles that are full of flavour
Drumsticks: the lower half of the leg, yummy when roasted and eaten cold or slow-cooked in a rich casserole
Mince: finely ground brown and white meat make a light but delicious mince that holds its shape when formed into burgers or meatballs
Burgers: juicy and flavoursome – a perfect choice for summer when cooked over white-hot coals
Sausages: the right balance of dark meat, white mean and delicate seasoning to make an any-time-of-day alternative to pork sausages


Tasty and nutritious, the wings and organ meats can be used to enhance stocks or savoured as flavourful dishes on their own

Wings: tasty morsels of brown meat complete with skin that goes super-crispy when roasted
Liver: super-quick to cook and very versatile – enjoy it fried in butter and served on toast or made into a smooth and tasty pâté
Feet: packed with sinewy bones and connective tissues that lend goodness and flavour to stocks and broths or can be eaten as a street-food delicacy
Giblets: the neck, liver and heart from the chicken carcass – can be used as a wholesome ingredient in homemade broths or eaten pan-fried if you’re a fan of organ meats
Carcass: the full chicken skeleton includes bones, connective tissues and meat trim that combine to make broths as flavoursome as they get