Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Chicken Cuts

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Learn more about different cuts by finding the parts of the chicken!


Organic Oxtail Cut of Beef

In the spectrum of common household dilemmas, what do you do with chicken necks probably doesn't figure too prominently. So what can you do with chicken necks? They are actually full of flavour and contain very little fat. In “no waste, head to tail” ethics, the neck and giblets are good for gravy and stocks for soup.

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Back Cut of Chicken

Like necks, chicken backs are great for stocks and broths. For example, raw chicken backs can be chopped and sautéed and then simmered for a number of hours with onions and other vegetables. There is plenty of connective tissue, which makes good gelatin and an interesting flavour. 

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Wing Cut of Chicken

Why don't chickens like American football? Spiced, smoked, roasted, grilled, baked, barbecued, marinated, glazed, deep fried, tossed – all things you can do to chicken wings. They are inexpensive, great finger food, with a plethora of accompaniments to suit any palate. Americans love wings so much, that during Super Bowl they consume more than a billion! Does that answer the question?

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Breast Cut of Chicken

The British clearly believe that breast is best! They eat twice as much chicken as beef and more breast than any other cut. In fact, they eat almost 2 million tonnes of chicken a year.  The notion that chicken breast is boring, tasteless food is not one that the average Brit holds with.  Our organic chicken has many health benefits – low in fat and calories, high in protein, rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. The versatility of chicken breast, though, is surely what has made it a staple in our diet. There are so many sauces and marinades, so many ways to cook this lean meat. You can have it in a salad, in a sandwich, in soup and stews, in the Sunday roast, on a pizza, in pasta, in rice, in a curry...

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Thigh Cut of Chicken

Chicken thighs, like breast have tremendous versatility, but with the added advantage of being inexpensive and arguably more flavoursome. Due to their tougher flesh, they are ideally slow cooked or casseroled, with the skin adding to the flavour. The thigh is the upper part of the leg, with the meat being dark brown.

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Leg Cut of Chicken

The lower part of the leg  is known as the drumstick. Chicken thighs and drumsticks definitely make for a good week night meal solution. They are inexpensive, versatile, succulent and tasty. Kids love sticky, sweet, caramelised drumsticks.

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