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Where old-fashioned farming and new ideas meet

Somerset has always had farming at its core, and nestled here in the county's agricultural heartland it's a tradition we're proud to continue. We love the way our forefathers tended and cared for the land, but we're not averse to using science and taking on board new ideas. We farm organically, sustainably and ethically, combining the best of the ancient with the most cutting-edge of the modern to produce the very best food you can eat.  



You may have heard the word ‘marbling’ bandied around. It’s considered to be the holy grail of steaks and roasting joints, delivering meat that’s sumptuous and packed with flavour. But what actually is marbling? As the name suggests, it’s when the muscle and fat in a cut of meat resemble a piece of marble, like your kitchen worktop for example. The flecks and seams of white are fat – intramuscular fat to be precise. It’s the most obvious way to judge the quality of a piece of meat. But why is it an indicator of quality?

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