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Organic Beef & Lamb, delivered from our field to your fork

Is serving Organic Produce with provenance and the highest regard for ethical and sustainable farming important to you? Well, that's good, because nothing is more important to us!

At Coombe Farm

We've been farming our estate in Somerset since the 1940's, and from here we've grown a successful organic dairy business. We apply principles of high animal welfare and sound land management, which has enabled us to produce products of the highest organic quality, supplying some of the most trusted names in retail.

We've been farming our estate in Somerset since the 1940's

With this experience and success behind us, our next exciting challenge is bringing you the finest organic Produce. Our own farmer Billie Wilson is rearing healthy Beef & Lamb animals in the most natural environment to the highest organic standards.

Read more about this @ Billie's blog

We’re also working with The Magdalen Farm (only a hill away in South Somerset) to produce the finest Organic Pork, and Ross Gardner’s team at Otter Valley Poultry (15 miles away in The Blackdown Hills) to produce exquisite Chicken.

Organically certified by the Soil Association, as well as the RSPCA's Freedom Food Scheme, Coombe Farm Organic is our way of guaranteeing the quality and traceability of the produce on our farm.

Diagram of beef cuts


All of our Beef Calves are born and reared on our farm. Reared on milk for their first 12 weeks with access of hay and calf nuts, calves are weaned at 12 weeks and fed hay or allowed to graze outside, depending on the season.

Our cattle are fed and monitored every day with extra rations given if necessary to ensure we provide nutritional requirements. We rear them over 28 months with an emphasis on grazing, allowing them to mature naturally.

Our cattle are slaughtered locally by organically certified professionals and hung for 21 days to ensure the best possible taste.

Finally, we use a family butcher with a great reputation in our local, bustling market town to prepare the meat to our specification.

Diagram of lamb cuts


A new enterprise at Coombe Farm: we invested in 60 ewes a few years ago and have built up a healthy flock.

Our farm is powered by solar energy, both land and roof mounted systems are used to provide the power that we require. To ensure the land that has the solar arrays mounted on it is farmed both organically and sustainably, we allow our sheep and lambs to graze under the panels as well as other organic pastureland on the farm. All our lambs are weaned after 5 months and then reared entirely on organic grass and forage crops. They too are slaughtered and prepared locally, hanging for 5-7 days to ensure a pure, fantastic taste.


Diagram of pork cuts


Our Pork is reared on Magdalen Farm (a 132-acre Soil Association Certified, Organic Farm), just over the hill from Coombe Farm. The Pigs have lived outdoors all their lives, with a shelter provided in the field and a thick bed of dry straw to sleep on. As pigs will, they spent little time turning their lush green pasture into a mud bath, rooting around for grubs and whatnot in the soil, just as their predecessors would have done in the wild. Throughout their lives, the pigs eat certified organic food which is made to give them all the nutrition they need. They also eat vegetables from the garden – roots and stalks and bolted lettuce, and for the last few weeks, apples, apples, apples galore.

An Educational Farm, Magdalen works with 4500 – 5000 people every year. Many stay overnight on the farm, but others visit for a day or for a series of trips. Lots of these visitors are school children on trips, learning about nature, where their food comes from and sustainability. Other people coming to Magdalen include young carers, families with a disabled child, people with a wide range of disabilities, young people who need to learn new skills, children seeking asylum from war and persecution overseas, people with mental illness and others who live in isolation from nature. Approximately half of the visitors to Magdalen live in urban areas, many from London and Bristol.

Most of them will have fed the pigs which supply our pork, scratched them behind the ears, made wallows for them to roll around in on hot days, and will have learned the importance of the environmental and ethical benefits of choosing organic meat.


The pigs were professionally slaughtered at the same abattoir as our Beef and Lamb and given the same expert treatment by our local Butcher.

Their father is a Large Black. He is indeed a big fellow, and still growing. This is a breed which has almost disappeared in commercial farming. Their mother is a cross between more traditional breeds, Gloucester Old Spot, Duroc and Saddleback.


All of our Organic Chicken comes from Ross Gardener at Otter Valley Poultry in the Blackdown Hills. Ross works with 2 Organic, Soil Association Certified Farms in Devon to produce some of the finest Chicken we have ever tasted.

All of the Chickens are Hubbard, a traditional breed, and they are hand picked by Ross himself, before he and his team butcher them at his Soil Association Certified Abattoir. Having spent time at both the farms and abattoir, we know that means the animal welfare and quality of our produce is exceptionally high. We’re sure you will taste the difference.


Our farm in Somerset

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