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Farm and Animal Welfare

  • All of our produce is 100% organic, but not all of our animals are reared here on Coombe Farm – we just haven't got space! To make sure we have the range and quality of meat you require, we work with organically certified farms that specialise in farming particular animals or poultry. Beef cattle and lambs are reared here at Coombe Farm HQ, poultry comes from an organic farm a few miles away in Devon's Blackdown Hills and we partner with a farmer based in Somerset for venison. We've recently started rearing some pigs on Coombe Farm and we also work with  a family-run pig farm in Langport, Somerset. Top-quality organic salmon is produced at Glenarm in Northern Ireland. All of our farmer partners are the very best at what they do and they share our commitment to ethical, sustainable and organic farming practices. We're very proud to work with them all. 

  • Our lamb is 100% grass-fed. Our beef is 85% grass-fed. We supplement the grass ration of our cattle with 15% cereals, legumes and roots – this means they stay fit, healthy and in tip-top condition at times of the year when the grass is less nutritious. Any additional feed we give them is made up of homegrown organic crops, including wheat, peas and barley. Organic regulations require animals that are described as 'grass fed' to have a diet of at least 65% grass. As our beef cattle comfortably exceed this, we're happy to apply the grass-fed label. 

    Our pigs and poultry all flourish on a ration of organic grain. As they're free-range, they supplement this diet with grass, clover and herbs they browse in their pastures. The rootling snouts of our pigs will also dig up worms and insects to be enjoyed as a tasty treat. The deer that provide our venison live in open parkland and eat a mainly grass diet. The estate where they're reared produces spelt flour, so the deer get some extra nutrition from the spelt husks that are a by-product of flour production.

  • Coombe Farm Organic is certified by the Soil Association (, the UK's biggest organic certification body. We're really proud of this but we want to go further. At Coombe Farm, we dont just believe in sustainability – we live it.

    Organic food is produced using farming methods that have the welfare of the environment and livestock at their core. These methods are legally defined and any food sold as 'organic' is strictly regulated.

    Organic farming recognises the direct connection between our health and the food we eat. Chemical fertilisers are banned and farmers promote soil fertility by rotating crops and using natural composts, manures and clovers.

    Organic animals enjoy the very highest welfare standards – they're genuinely free range and have plenty of space and access to pasture. For more information, take a look at

Products and Cooking

  • You'll find a full list of ingredients on the relevant product pages.

  • All products are labelled with a best-before date. Once defrosted, you should keep your meat in the fridge and use it within 5 days.