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Organic Rose Veal

At Coombe Farm Organic, we’re constantly looking at ways to develop sustainable produce, so it was instinctive for us to start producing Soil Association certified free-range organic rose veal.  Veal was once a much-criticized meat because it involved the fattening of young cows in crates - a highly unethical and cruel practice. The way we are rearing our veal is the antithesis of this style of factory farming. We are not actively breeding veal; we are closing the loop on our dairy business by finding an ethical solution to the issue of surplus bull calves.

Slowly reared for around 10 months and living outside as much as the weather allows (otherwise in an airy, straw-strewn barn), our calves forage in small sociable groups where they are able to follow their own natural instincts to play and get a little boisterous. They are fed a diet of organic whole milk, grass and forage and nutrient-dense cake made from organic cereals and grain. It is because the animals have access to pasture that the meat is tinted pink and is given the name rose veal.

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