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Organic Geese

We started rearing our own gaggle of goslings at Coombe Farm last year, they really are the sweetest things and have been surprisingly easy to keep. They are raised indoors until about 4 weeks old when they are let outside to graze in large grassland paddocks, our farmers have been surprised just how quickly they have mowed the pastures! The geese are let out every morning at dawn & then shut up again at dusk, to protect them from predators. Reared in an organic system, they have access to fresh grass and water at all times and their diets are supplemented with a natural feed. Geese are a flock animal, so when we look out across the geese paddock, they will either be sat closely together enjoying the sun or moving as one across the field. Protecting is a natural instinct for them, and many farms employ ‘geese guards’ to protect other livestock due to their keen eyesight and loud honking sound.

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