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Organic Turkey

Our organic turkeys come from Walters Turkeys in Berkshire. This Soil Association certified organic farm produce the finest quality Christmas turkeys by carefully selecting slow growing breeds that reach full maturity naturally. All turkeys have plenty of space to run about in and enjoy natural daylight.

From late summer the turkey’s live in large airy barns that open on to green downland fields.  Every day they explore their natural surroundings pecking at the grass and bales in the fresh air.  At night they are in large, straw bedded barns with plenty of room. They are fed on high quality organic feed (a mix of wheat, barley and oats). They are one of the few organic turkey producers in the country that hang and dry pluck their turkeys in the traditional way.

We only rear Bronze turkeys, an old-fashioned breed that provides a carcass with fantastic flavour and even coverage of meat. The natural flavour of the bird is made even better by slow growth to natural maturity. This takes 24 weeks and results in meat that's reliably juicy and tasty, with a tender texture and just the right amount of fat.

Once slaughtered, all of our turkeys are hung for at least 7 days. This process allows some moisture to evaporate (so you'll see no shrinkage in the oven) and the muscles to relax (so the meat is soft and flavoursome).

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