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From field to fork

From field to fork, our short supply chain guarantees traceability at every stage of the production process. Our set-up at Coombe Farm Organic is unique – our dedicated farmers rear the animals, send them to a local abattoir in a neighbouring village, we then butcher the meat in our organic butchery before packing your orders for delivery, all within a 7 mile radius.

How do we get your food from field to fork?


The farmers

Our farmers are the beating heart of the business. Farming is a profession that requires total dedication, with unsociable hours and hard, physical work. Despite this, there is true joy to be found in working outside, taking care of incredible creatures and protecting the countryside. As well as rearing beef cattle, pigs and lambs for our meatbox business, there is a dairy herd to care for and immeasurable jobs to do out in the fields. Our agricultural activity supports the rearing of meat, so crops are grown to feed the livestock, as well as providing crucial cover for soil health and wildlife populations.


The butchers

Our butchery team may be small, but it is mighty. Butchery is an ancient skill and one to which most of us probably give little thought. It requires detailed knowledge of the anatomy of each animal, as well as an understanding of how all of the muscles and bones join and work. Working in a butchery every day is very physically demanding and calls for tremendous stamina, deft knife skills and precise attention to detail. Add to that the fact that there are many, many different ways to cut up each kind of carcass and you might start to get the idea that butchery calls for brains as well as brawn.


The warehouse

Working in a -18˚C freezer may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but our warehouse staff are still smiling as they carefully pack your orders each day. First, they pick the products from the freezers, before selecting which size box is needed for the order. They then layer in our special insulation paper and add the items and ice packs to ensure your items arrive to you frozen. Quality control check each box before its sealed, they then go back in the freezer until DPD arrive to collect.


Customer service

We wouldn’t be anything without our customers. Which is why we have a dedicated Customer Service Executive in our small team, ready to take your calls and reply to your emails. The range of queries we receive is amazing, we are asked about everything from breeds of pigs to the best way to cook a steak. In a recent customer survey, 87% of you said you were very or extremely satisfied with your Coombe Farm experience, our aim is to push that to 100% with our customer first approach.


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