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Cuts of turkey


The classic festive centrepiece, a whole roast turkey is certainly a great way to feed a crowd. With a combination of juicy white meat and flavour-packed dark meat, there’s something for everyone.

Whole turkey: Kelly Bronze birds deliver a well-balanced carcass with a good amount each of white breast and darker leg meat
Turkey crown: an easy-to-cook centrepiece with the legs removed and the breast left on the bone
Smoked turkey: a whole bird, very gently smoked over wood to lend a subtle but distinctive flavour


Generously proportioned and lean, white breast meat from the turkey carcass is a versatile choice that’s succulent and tasty.

Breast: bone-free and available in various sizes to feed between 4 and 8 people, this is a straightforward way to cook and enjoy white breast meat
Mince: breast and leg combine to provide a well-balanced but lean mince that’s a versatile and lighter alternative to beef
Steaks: thick cut from the breast to deliver a satisfyingly tasty and meaty steak that’s also lean and light


The powerful leg from a slow-grown, free-range turkey is full of delicious flavour and provides a substantial amount of meat.

Leg: the thigh and drumstick contain complex layers of muscle that are well defined and really flavoursome
Drumstick: with the bone in and skin on, this is a short cut to a mini-roast that’s easy to cook, waste-free and incredibly tasty
Mince: a combination of leg and breast meat is finely ground to produce juicy mince that holds together when made into meatballs and adds plenty of flavour to your favourite recipes
Burgers: made from our tasty mince with just a pinch of seasoning and some breadcrumbs added a juicy burger that’s perfect for summer barbecues
Sausages: lightly seasoned turkey mince makes a versatile sausage that’s a little bit lighter than pork