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Cuts of venison


A collection of lean and powerful muscles makes up the shoulder of the venison carcass, contributing to the intense flavour and satisfying open-grained texture.

Shoulder: the distinctive grassy-gamey flavour of venison in an impressive roasting joint. Cook it rare to medium-rare to keep it succulent
Diced: venison shoulder and leg meat is fully trimmed and evenly cubed to deliver the perfect basis for stews and game pies
Mince: super-lean leg and shoulder combine to make a mince that’s a lower-fat alternative to beef or lamb but doesn’t scrimp on flavour
Burgers: fine-ground meat and just a little bit of fat are seasoned with Italian herbs to make a fragrant, tasty burger
Sausages: a tasty sausage combining lean venison with a well-considered sprinkling of herbs

leg & Haunch

The hardworking back legs and rump of the deer are well developed and substantial, meaning they deliver open-grained meat that’s packed with an earthy flavour.

Haunch: cut from the top of the hind leg, with the bones removed, this collection of muscles makes a tender and flavour-packed roaster
Haunch steak: a thick-cut fatless steak with a robust texture that’s best-cooked quick-and-hot to keep it soft and juicy
Diced: fully trimmed and evenly diced leg and shoulder meat for slow-cooked winter warmers
Osso Buco: lateral cuts through the lower leg of the carcass reveal succulent bone marrow and well-marbled meat that becomes flaky and tender with slow cooking in plenty of liquid


The loin of the venison carcass is where many of the ‘hero’ cuts originate. They include:

Tenderloin: a long internal muscle (also known as the fillet) that nestles below the saddle and delivers delicate but distinctive flavour combined with the very softest of textures
Saddle fillet: running along the deer’s spine, this muscle is fine-grained for tenderness and looks impressive while being really easy to cook
Fillet steak: medium-thick cuts from the tenderloin are juicy and buttery-soft when flash fried
Rack: the eye meat of the fillet presented on the bone to make an impressive centrepiece that tastes as good as it looks