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Cuts of duck


Aylesbury/Pekin crossbred birds have well-balanced carcasses that provide succulent breast meat topped with sweet fat, plus robust, deeply flavoured darker leg meat.

Whole duck: tender breast, robust leg, melting fat and super-crispy skin combine to deliver an indulgent roast
Cooked whole duck: a sweet honey and star anise glaze complements the distinctive flavour of duck – all you have to do is warm it through in the oven

BREAST & leg

Two very different textures and flavours – breast can be quick-seared to render the fat then briefly roasted and served pink and juicy; leg lends itself to slow casseroling or braising. Both make a delicious addition to a stir fry or curry.

Breast: tender and juicy meat is complemented by rich-sweet fat that melts down on cooking to leave a super-soft layer topped with crispy skin
Leg: rich in flavour and hearty texture, these make an ideal mini roast and work perfectly with fragrant spices and fruity sauces
Confit leg: cooked sous-vide to lock in flavour and ensure so-tender succulence, these are ready to heat up and go


offal & wing 

Delicate organ meats, flavour-packed bones and versatile wings shouldn’t be overlooked and certainly shouldn’t be wasted – they're some of the best bits!

Giblets: duck neck, liver and heart make a tasty addition to stocks and broths or can be gently pan-fried in butter for a flavoursome treat
Carcass: bones and connective tissues make a nourishing and tasty stock that’s enhanced by meaty bits left on the carcass
Liver: delicate but distinctive, quick to cook and a classic ingredient in pâtés and parfaits
Wings: surprisingly meaty, a thrifty cut that has all the flavour of leg and makes a delicious savoury treat when marinated and slow-roasted in a Chinese-style sauce