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Frequently Asked Christmas Questions



  • When is the last delivery date for Christmas?
    The last delivery day for any orders is Saturday 23rd December. We do recommend selecting as early a delivery date as possible to avoid any delays from couriers, weather or anything else outside of our control.
  • We recommend securing a delivery slot for your order as early as possible to avoid any delays or disappointment.

    Our last delivery day is Saturday 23nd December, we recommend avoiding this date should there be any delays out of control due to weather and deliverys services etc.

  • If you place an order online, you will receive a tracking number from our courier. The courier will keep you up to date with an estimated time or when you can expect to receive your delivery. If you need any assistance please do contact us and we will be happy to help you.


  • If you need to add any items to your order please call us on 01460 279509 or send an email to hello@coombefarmorganic.co.uk.

    Subject to stock, we will do everything we can to add items to your order. We do need 7 working day’s notice before your delivery date to add items to your order.

    Orders cannot be amended after Friday 15th December.

  • We ask that this year you give our team as much notice as possible with any amends to your Christmas orders.

    To change your delivery address we require at least 7 days notice before your order is due to be delivered.

    Orders cannot be amended after midday on Friday 15th December.

    We will try our best to change any delivery dates, however, please be aware we may not be able to make this alteration. Please contact our Customer Service team who can help you in more detail, please send an email to hello@coombefarmorganic.co.uk or call us on 01460 279509.

  • We will still be able to cancel any orders due for delivery before 5th December (with our usual requirement of making the cancellation within 48 hours/2 days of making your order and 72 hours/3 days notice before the date of your delivery). However this year we will not be able to cancel after 10th December. You will be able to add to orders (stock depending), or place more than one order if this helps you to plan at home for your Christmas celebration until the 15th December. 

  • We are doing our best to ensure our most popular products remain in stock. On the product page, there is an option to enter your email to be notified of product availability.

  • All items in your Christmas order will arrive fresh, unless otherwise stated on the product listing and pacakging. Previosuly frozen items will typically defrost in transit to you, and therefore must be eaten before the use by date on the packaging and cannot be refreezed.

    Fresh items can be used before their use by date or refrozen to enjoy at a later date.

  • So, be it Turkey, Duck or Goose, you've decided on the perfect Christmas bird for you, but before you place your order here are a few tips to ensure you have everything you need for the big day.

    Size matters, so choose carefully. We recommend 2 portions per kg for whole birds and 4 portions per kg for boneless breasts. Birds by nature grow slightly differently, they are all individual in their own right and so we take an average and place them in a weight bracket. For example 4-5kg, 5-6kg and so on. If in doubt, we recommend ordering a slightly larger bird than you desire to ensure you have enough meat to feed your crowd, after all, no one is going to turn down seconds of such a succulent bird.

  • Need help with sizing? Here are our approximate measurements; 

    Turkey (Cm) 5.5kg= H15 x L36 x W26.  6.5kg= W30 x L50 x H20. 

    Goose (Cm) 4.5kg= W19 x L40 x H25.  5.5kg= H20 x L50 x W26

  • There is no need to brine, baste in butter, or do any more hokery pokery to one of our birds. We have put the hard work in growing and preparing it in the right way to make your job of cooking it at home hassle-free. So simply pop it in your oven following our simple instructions.

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